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Game of Thrones at BFI & Radio Times Television Festival Jacob Anderson and Joe Dempsie

Game of Thrones at BFI & Radio Times Television Festival Jacob Anderson and Joe Dempsie

Hours before the first extremely anticipated episode of the very last final season of Game of Thrones is broadcast, the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival hosted a Q&A with Joe Dempsie (Gendry) and Jacob Anderson (Greyworm) taking a look back at the last the 7 seasons and reminding us why we hail this phenomenon which is without any dispute the biggest show on television right now. (Image credit: Photograph: ©2017 Home Box Office)

Dempsie commented on the “perfect balance” when talking about the final season, pointing out it will have “the most stunning Game of Thrones sequences you’ve ever seen” and “all the characters you’ve grown to love.”

He continued “Game of Thrones has redefined what television is capable of.”

Redefining television comes at a price and the final battle alone reportedly cost $15 million to shoot, just over two months and it has been said that some of the key cast earn $500,000 per episode. The over all cost is an estimated (£69 million) which makes it the most expensive TV series ever.

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Anderson also spoke about the meticulous casting of the producers making sure that “they curate people as well as the characters, they are really careful in casting people they would get on with and who will get on with the people they have in place and so as the story goes on it becomes very natural” .

For those who did not see the premiere at 2am this morning: Episode 1 of Season 8 of  Game of Throne airs in the UK today April 15th at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. This is the shortest series yet,  as there will be only six episodes.

First episode date: 17 April 2011  Final episode date: 19 May 2019
Writers: George R. R. Martin, David Benioff, D. B. Weiss, Bryan Cogman, Vanessa Taylor, Jane Espenson, Dave Hill.
The BFI & Radio Times Television Festival ran from 12 – 14 April 2019 and is the largest and most prestigious television festival in the UK.
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