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Unwritten: Caribbean Poems After the First World War

Unwritten: Caribbean Poems After the First World War

As a collaborative project, co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, BBC Contains Strong Language and the British Council, Unwritten Poems invited contemporary Caribbean and diaspora poets to write into that vexed space, and explore the nature of war and humanity as it exists now, and at a time when Britain s colonial ambitions were still at a peak. Unwritten: Caribbean Poems After the First World War is a result of that provocation and also includes new material written for broadcast and live performance.

With contributions from Jay Bernard, #MalikaBookerKat FrancoisJay T. JohnAnthony JosephIshion HutchinsonCharnell LucienVladimir LucienRachel ManleyTanya Shirley and Karen McCarthy Woolf.

What does it mean to fight for a mother country that refuses to accept you as one of its own? Britain s First World War poets changed the way we view military conflict and had a deep impact on the national psyche. Yet the stories of the 15,600 volunteers who signed up to the British West Indian Regiment remain largely unknown. Sadly, these citizens of empire were not embraced as compatriots on an equal footing. Instead they faced prejudice, injustice and discrimination while being confined to menial and auxiliary work, regardless of rank or status. Paperback 2018  Price:  £12.48. Karen McCarthy Woolf (Author, Editor)  BUY

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