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Your Weekend: A BFI Release “Sorry to Bother You”

Your Weekend: A BFI Release “Sorry to Bother You”

If you have not seen this film yet then it is at the BFI from Friday 28th December and runs into January..

Synopsis: A mild-mannered call centre operator whizzes up the corporate ladder after he discovers a unique ability to adopt a “white voice” in writer-director Boots Riley’s breathlessly inventive satire. With Cassius Green’s (Lakeith Stanfield) newly discovered talent, it’s not long before he rises through the ranks of his company, moving closer to the inner circle of coke-snorting entrepreneur Steve Lift (Armie Hammer). But as Cassius soon discovers, Steve has some disturbing ambitions for him and the cost of success could be more than just alienation from both his colleagues and activist girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson). Bursting with ideas, visual panache and caustic wit, Riley acerbically lampoons office life and offers savage commentary on the young African-American experience. Joining a triumphant new wave of radical black cinema, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU establishes Riley as a filmmaking force to be reckoned with.

USA 2018
Dir Boots Riley
With Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer, Jermaine Fowler
Certificate 15
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

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