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Diary 2019: Talawa and Royal Court present Superhoe

Diary 2019: Talawa and Royal Court present Superhoe

Talawa Theatre Company and Royal Court Theatre proudly present Nicôle Lecky’s Superhoe, directed by Jade Lewis.

Plaistow. Sasha Clayton’s 24 and living with her mum, step-dad, and irritating little sister.

She’s gone from being the most popular girl at school, to spending most of her time on her own in her bedroom scrolling through social media.

She may not have a job or a flat, and her boyfriend’s not answering her calls; but she’s got talent and a dream – when she releases her first EP everything’s going to change.

Superhoe is Nicôle Lecky’s Royal Court writing and performing debut and is directed by Jade Lewis who previously assisted debbie tucker green on 2017’s a profoundly affectionate, passionate devotion to someone (-noun).

When: 30th January – 16th February 2019 Where: Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at ROYAL COURT THEATRE, Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8AS. BOOK TICKETS

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Superhoe is a Talawa Theatre Company and the Royal Court Theatre co-production.

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