Adrian Lester makes Hampstead Theatre Debut in UK premiere of Martyna Majok’s Pulitzer Prize play Cost of Living

Roads are dark and America’s long’ 

Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Martyna Majok’s Cost of Living receives its highly anticipated UK Premiere at Hampstead Theatre – making it the 100th premiere since Edward Hall and Greg Ripley-Duggan took charge in 2010.

Martyna Majok’s exquisitely original, honest and deftly funny new play explores our need to connect and be loved regardless of the gulfs that disability, race, class, and wealth place between us. Adrian Lester will make his Hampstead Theatre debut in the role of Eddie, Katy Sullivan will make her UK stage debut as Ani, having originated the role in the award- winning off-Broadway production, and they are joined by Emily Barber in the role of Jess and Jack Hunter in the role of John.

John, a wealthy, brilliant, and successful PhD student with cerebral palsy, hires Jess, a recent graduate who has fallen on hard times, as his new carer. Across town, truck driver Eddie attempts to support and re-engage with his estranged wife, Ani, following a terrible accident that has left her quadriplegic. As four very different lives collide and entwine, roles are unapologetically flipped, reversed and exposed – who is actually caring for whom? Details:

COST OF LIVING By Martyna Majok Directed by Edward Hall 25 January – 2 March Previews, Mondays and matinees Full Price: £30/£27/£18

Under 30s/Students: £15/£10* Seniors (matinees only): £22/20 Groups For every 9 tickets get the 10th free Access: £16

Tuesday – Saturday evenings Full price: £37/£32/£25

Under 30s/Students: £15/£10*

Groups For every 9 tickets get the 10th free

Access: £16 All prices subject to change. Book early for the best prices.

*Under 30s and Student concession seats are available in Band A (£15) & Band C (£10)

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