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Wahala Film Fund

Wahala Film Fund is currently open to filmmakers who have already shot and edited a short film and who need funds to finish it. The filmmaker must be Queer, Transgender or Intersex Person of Colour.  By Queer we include people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Pansexual and Bisexual. By Person of Colour we mean someone who has “descended (through one or both parents) from the original inhabitants of Africa, Asia (i.e. the Middle East to China, including the Pacific nations) and Latin America, and from the indigenous populations of Australasia, North America, and the islands of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. The fund is open to all QTIPOC people living in the Global South,  Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Wahala’s aim is to challenge the pervasiveness of the marginalisation of Queer People of Color within films and film industries and also empower the many talented QTIPOC filmmakers who struggle to make work, or who stop continuing to make work because of the systemic pressures we face in actualising work which prioritises QTIPOC people in front of and behind the camera. We understand the daily labour that goes into affirming that one is a filmmaker or artist especially if one is a QTIPOC filmmaker.


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