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Soas Concert Series Presents DemiMa

Soas Concert Series Presents DemiMa

Démi ‘DemiMa’ Mseleku is an Anglo-Zulu word and sound artist from South West London. DemiMa creates soulful multi-sensorial performances to provoke conscious dialogue. She is inspired by themes of identity, spirituality, social dynamics, divine femininity and #Afrofuturism. DemiMa’s passion for improvisation enables her to freely channel sounds as a rich canvas for her poetry. Influenced by her maternal Zulu ancestry, DemiMa’s sonic poetry imbues traditions of storytelling with tonal and rhythmic resonance. Her music has an unmistakable ‘London sound’, incorporating electro soul and hip-hop, while she also draws powerfully on her Zulu heritage and sings partly in the isiZulu language. More about the artist. On insta: @itsdemima

Event Info: Fri 14 December 2018

All concerts start at 8.30pm (doors 8pm).
Online booking is required to guarantee a seat.
Please note that pre-booking is only valid until 8.45pm (i.e. if you have pre-booked and arrive more than 15 minutes late, you may find that your seat has been re-allocated).

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Venue address: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS, University of London,
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG. Tickets