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The Black Experience Exhibition

The Black Experience Exhibition

Breathtaking art from a collective of 15+ creatives will be showcasing at The Black Experience Exhibition 2018 (TBE), it is about exposing the neglected conversations regarding identity and perception of self within the Black community. These conversations include hurdles faced both inside and outside of our familiar circles and touch on topics like – validating Blackness, identity crises, feminism vs masculinity, ‘Black, white, other?’ , navigating white spaces and many more. Not only is it about how Black culture, stereotypes and reality affect Black individuals but also how other ethnicities are influenced and impacted by these topics.

TBE is about giving people the freedom to express what it means to them to ‘live in their truth’. Conversations about race are never as simple and straightforward as some may want them to be, and expressing passion even simply for awareness, is a battle in itself. So I ask, what is this imperceptible force that causes our attempts for wisdom to be silenced?

Meet the artist taking part: 

#Chelsea Biana

#Brennan Ward
#Ja-vanie stephens
#Ololade Sonupe
#Safiya Mckenzie
#Gabriel Oben
#Queenie Djan
#Chris Ankomah
#Lindsey Brehun
#Sahar Ghorishi
#Eferoghene oyadah
#Ilayda McIntosh
#Adwoa botchey
#Luiza Boswell
#Shaquel whyte
#Olivia Springate-jones

The aim of this exhibition is to awaken this awareness of self and unfold the various narratives that we sometimes keep so private. The fact of the matter is many of us are facing common struggles in silence, whilst some have experienced and overcome them. TBE is about empowering and being empowered by the lessons, ideologies and thought processes that we as a community can come together and enrich each other with.


. FREE entry to the public from 1pm, with the private viewing party commencing at 6pm – tickets are required.

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With DJ’s on deck, live performances, artists talks, poetry and more, this will be a packed and vibely evening of pure entertainment.

FREE drinks and nibbles, giveaways & more! Prints, originals and other merchandise will be available for sale on the day so come with your wallets ready!

Date: Sat 8 December 201818:00 – 22:00 GMT

Protein Studios 31 New Inn Yard London EC2A 3EY