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Courtyard Theatre presents “Omish” by Lunar Theatre

Courtyard Theatre presents “Omish” by Lunar Theatre

It’s Savannah’s 21st birthday. The drinks are out. The balloons are up. And the girls are ready to party. Tonight is the night they have all been waiting for. There’s presents to be exchanged, snaps to be taken and tea to be spilt. When suddenly, an unexpected guest arrives, to remind everyone of the past they would rather forget.

What could possibly go wrong? “There’s a thrill in it. The unity, the power. Humans need to feel like a pack. Hunters over the hunted.”

‘Omish’ focuses on what it means to be trialled by social media. Whilst you may think that witch hunting was a situation of the past, it’s easier than ever to make imprudent,misinformed accusations from behind a screen. Though she may not be drowned or burnt at the post anymore, the repercussions will still be brutal.

CAST (in order of appearance)
Savannah – Keletso Kesupile
Becky – Sophie Soanes
Zara – Laura White
Lola – Naomi Emmanuel
Jess – Shannon Watson
Abi – Joyce Omotola

About Lunar Theatre

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Lunar Theatre represents young, female, creatives, formed by a group of young women who were fed up of our stories not being represented on stage, waiting for the phone to ring, or for the opportunities to fall into our laps. We knew the time was now to get up and go get it.

Since creating the all-female theatre company, Lunar succeeded in providing a handful of opportunities to women and underrepresented voices in the arts, they want to be able to facilitate those without a platform with a safe, supportive space to share their stories, and to bring them in front of an audience. Omish is Lunar’s debut play. Details:  6th November 2018 to 24th November 2018 – 7:30pm Contains strobe lighting Price: £15 Standard, £12 Concession Book tickets

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