NEW BOOKS: Africa on the Contemporary London Stage Editor: Morosetti, Tiziana (Ed.)

This collection of essays investigates the way Africa has been portrayed on the London stage from the 1950s to the present. It focuses on whether — and, if so, to what extent — the Africa that emerges from the London scene is subject to stereotype, and/or in which ways the reception of audiences and critics have contributed to an understanding of the continent and its arts. The collection, divided into two parts, brings together well-established academics and emerging scholars, as well as playwrights, directors and performers currently active in London. With a focus on #WoleSoyinka, Athol Fugard, #BolaAgbaje, #BiyiBandele, and #DipoAgboluaje, amongst others, the volume examines the work of key companies such as Tiata Fahodzi and Talawa, as well as newer companies Two Gents, Iroko Theatre and Spora Stories. Interviews with Rotimi Babatunde, #AdeSolanke and Dipo Agboluaje on the contemporary London scene are also included.

About the author: Tiziana Morosetti is a fixed-term affiliate with the African Studies Centre, Oxford, UK, where she teaches African Literature. She is deputy-director of the journal Quaderni del ’900, and the membership secretary of the African Theatre Association (AfTA). She is the editor of Staging the Other in Nineteenth-Century British Drama (2016). Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG; 1st ed. 2018 edition (28 Oct. 2018)  245 pages. Price £79.99

Hardcover ISBN978-3-319-94507-1 Buy on Amazon.

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