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The Turner Prize returns to Tate Britain for its 34th edition. The prize is awarded to a British artist for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the preceding year as determined by a jury.

Tackling pressing issues in society today, the four shortlisted artists for this year are:

Forensic Architecture

An interdisciplinary team that includes architects, filmmakers, lawyers and scientists, Forensic Architecture’s work uses the built environment as a starting point for explorations into human rights violations.

The Long Duration of a Split Second
Looped from 10.00

Naeem Mohaiemen

Encompassing films, installations, and essays, his practice investigates transnational left politics in the period after the Second World War, the legacies of decolonisation and the erasing and rewriting of memories of political utopias.

Tripoli Cancelled 2017 (93 min)
Starts at 10.20, 12.00, 13.40, 15.20

Two Meetings and a Funeral 2017 (89 min)
Starts at 11.00, 12.40, 14.20, 16.00

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Charlotte Prodger

She works predominantly with moving image, sculpture, writing and performance. Her work explores issues surrounding queer identity, landscape, language technology and time.

BRIDGIT 2016 (33 min)
Looped to start at 10.05, 10.38, 11.11, 11.44, 12.17, 12.50, 13.23, 13.56, 14.29, 15.02, 15.35, 16.08, 16.41, 17.14

Image Credit: Clockwise:
Naeem Mohaiemen Tripoli Cancelled 2017 video still © Naeem Mohaiemen
Luke Willis Thompson _Human 2018 film still © Luke Willis Thompson
Charlotte Prodger BRIDGIT 2016 video still © Charlotte Prodger
Forensic Architecture Killing in Umm al-Hiran, 18 January 2017 video still © Forensic Architecture 2018