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The Weekend ART EdIT….JonaQuestArt presents Never Standing Still

The Weekend ART EdIT….JonaQuestArt presents Never Standing Still

Featuring the works of Cecile Rousseau, Alex Cole, Clare Lightfoot, Sheila Fratini and Joana Machado.

These 5 international artists from the U.K., Italy, France, Portugal and Malta emerge with saturated colour and busy rhythm to make their art life goals a success!

Their drive, ambition and fervent experimental ability enables them to step into the flow of a London art scene with original artworks in mediums of fluid art, digital art, drawing, watercolour & paint.

Elegant & fluid movements oscillate alongside dynamic mark-making in these mediums creating abstract and semi-futuristic fragmented glitch artworks. Inspired by nature, global female characters, repeat patterns, florals & religious symbolism, watch this space for these 5 Rhythms of movement to take the lead!


Cecile Rousseau, France

Cecile is an award-winning painter whose art is full of colour & movement. In October 2016, at the Salon des Arts Visuels in Paris, she received a public award for her work on an emotional map, a series of seven paintings coming together as an abstract planisphere of seven sub-continents. A self-taught artist, who is inspired by her memories of her travels and the emotions of the traveller. “The free element of my paintings grow from opening up to the unexpected and welcoming the evocation of a bold and powerful nature, perspectives and light, the ways in which travellers view unexpected, sometimes uncomfortably wild natural spaces such as the ocean or rainforest”.

Cecile favours the use of strong colours and plays with intensity and shadows to bring light into the canvas. With a single instrument, a painter’s knife, she sculpts the matter on the canvas and lets the viewer imagine the artist’s hand and gesture, opening the door to witness an intimacy that is often hidden. Cecile’s paintings represent a nature that cannot be photographed, cannot be flattened. They challenge simple ideas about how we see nature, holding it as a fragile place: in fact, it is resilient, bold, even overgrown. It lives and dies in the same moment, in chaos, never standing still.

Alex Cole, UK Alex is a digital artist & graphic designer based in London. His modern abstract artwork involves intense use of colour on digital collages using databending techniques to distort, refract, mirror & glitch juxtaposing scenes & places. He is attracted to inner city streets, landmarks or nature to create new visual vistas. Alex has exhibited work at the Barbican, Shoreditch Digital Canvas and Camden Roundhouse, and he is currently working on ongoing personal projects.

Clare Lightfoot, Malta

Clare is a resin & mixed media mature abstract artist, inspired by rhythms in nature, the earth’s core, ocean wave patterns & rock formations. Clare is a spiritual artist who likes to recreate natural movements with texture & crystallised resin to create dynamic artworks full of intrigue.

In the last two years, Clare had a large solo exhibition in Malta with over 30 pieces, sponsored by the 5 star luxurious Corinthia palace hotel in Malta, which was greatly received. Her work has been collected around the world by collectors in the U.K, USA, China, Bahrain, Serbia, Malta and Philippines. She is currently involved in group shows in the Malta trade fair and will also be exhibiting on Gozo Island.

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Sheila Fratini, Italy

Sheila is a London based artist who loves frenetic repetition of lines, angles & colour, creating a unique style when applied to various content. “Being born in Italy gave me an immense sense of expressive frustration. Enriching my visual sensitivity like a volcano, an enormous amount of ageless beauty flooded my imagination like a tsunami” which she captures in her art.

Sheila continues an exciting journey of self-discovery and visual experimentation; a charting exercise of obsessions made up of drawings, paintings, videos, collages and pictures. Her journey continues as she experiments and creates more art.

Joana Machado, Portugal

Joana is a young emerging illustrator artist from Portugal. She has mastered watercolour & pen to produce depictions of heaving organically decorated strong, tribal women with a global background in her style. These vignettes of colour & observation pack a real punch regarding social commentary centred around issues of women’s rights.

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