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Black and Banned Event “Two Gentlemen Sharing” (an important film for #BlackBritish #Culture) Editor’s Notes… But where are the crowds #Wakanda

Black and Banned Event “Two Gentlemen Sharing” (an important film for #BlackBritish #Culture) Editor’s Notes… But where are the crowds #Wakanda

BLACK & Banned has started….and runs until October.  #community  support for this season would be good as it provides a collection of films that were banned..because of the inequality/inequalities that they addressed……mostly race!!

#twogentlemensharing (1969) deals with issues that remain relevant in 2018. #RACE #IDENTITY #SEXUALITY #class. STARRING the late #RobinPhillips and #HalFrederick with JUDY Geeson and #EstherAnderson directed by #tedkotcheff, the film screening was followed by a Q&A hosted by the renowned actor/director #BurtCaesar interviewed #estheranderson who was joined by Skype with Ted who had not seen the film for 50 years and #JudyGeeson ……. the crowds that came out for #wakanda need to support this film season….

#Spreadtheword #Diversity #Film#Director. This film is a strong depiction of the #British #CaribbeanCulture in the 1960’s….

Kolcheff recalls when asked about the complexity of issues addressed in the film and why films being made today fail to deal with issues in society so honestly….

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“I feel very strongly on this area and my parents were well ahead of their time and took part in many protests, in 1931 the year of my birth 9 black youths were falsely accused of the raping of two white women and it was crime punishable by the death penalty, in Alabama, imagine? An all white jury found these 9 young men guilty, and they were sentenced to death and my parents joined a huge protest that resulted in the Supreme court over-turning their conviction. I was took part in this protest in 1931 because my mother was pregnant with me. My parents always felt passionately about any sort of prejudice be it race or religion, colour, it was a viciuous societal cancer that needed to be uprooted. I interited those views and those feelings so you can image the appeal of Two Gentlemen Sharing. I wanted to make this picture. In America now we have a racist President and we have all these far right movements, they are against Jews, Blacks, they are against women, feminist women, everything, So i don’t know why, my whole life has been working against racism and your right we (industry) should be doing something to amend this horrible slimy crime”

Synopsis: With a strong multicultural cast the film was ahead of its time, Kotcheff also cast two strong female characters in Anderson and Geeson. Race politics in 60s London are brought centre stage in this gorgeous, rarely screened title – timely, in light of the recent Windrush scandal. Adapted by Jamaican-born Evan Jones from a novel by David Stuart Leslie, it follows an ambitious young Jamaican in swinging London who battles everyday racism as he tries to enter the hallowed portals of British business. Allegedly considered an incitement to race-riot, it was given an X certificate and never released in the UK. It was, however, considered suitable for the Venice Film Festival in 1969 and played continuously in France and the US.

If you missed the season opening then you can book here for Sunday 23 September 2018 17:20 NFT3
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