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Part of BFI Black and Banned “Lumumba” directed by Raoul Peck 2 Tickets for Price of 1

Part of BFI Black and Banned “Lumumba” directed by Raoul Peck 2 Tickets for Price of 1

Saturday 15 September 2018 20:30

“Lumumba”, directed by Raoul Peck in 2000 remains his most popular film to date. Peck, a Haitian whose family travelled to serve the newly independent administration in the Republic of Congo (today the DRC) when he was a child, experienced both the hope and the horror that unravelled in the early days of independence under their new, tragically short-lived leader, Patrice Lumumba. Peck is both a rigorous historical thinker and a powerful dramatist and in his casting (Eriq Ebouaney) as Patrice Lumumba, we get the emotional turmoil and also the political insight into the terrible predicament of an idealist in face of overwhelming international intrigue alongside corruption and betrayal from within. Censored on its original release for naming names, history absolved Peck when leaks in recent years testified the veracity of its detail (his recent “I Am Not Your Negro” as well as “Young Karl Marx”, are excellent testament to this quality of historical film making).

France-Belgium-Germany-Haiti 2000
Dir Raoul Peck
With Eriq Ebouaney, Alex Descas, Théophile Sowié
35mm. Print courtesy of the Institut Français
English subtitles

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