With the school summer holiday fast approaching here is a book to entertain those “little minds” and  keep them away from the box. The Bolds in Trouble is by author/TV personality Julian Clary.
The Story: The Bolds are back for another hilarious tale! This time, Teddington’s wildest family have decided to stay at home and keep their heads down – it isn’t always easy hiding tails and fur under clothes, and it’s important not to raise suspicion amongst their human neighbours. But trouble soon comes skulking when a very sly fox starts making a big nuisance of himself. It’s up to the Bolds to try and stop him – but the solution has them foxed.
Author –Julian Clary is a comedian, entertainer and novelist, who has toured the world with his one-man shows.
Illustrator –David Roberts worked as a milliner before turning his talents to illustrating children’s books.He has earned great acclaim for his distinctive style.
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