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London Has A New Arts Paper: Alt A Review – Navigating the arts through a Unique Cultural Lens

Finally after one year online as we have our first introductory edition of the Alt A Review, an arts newspaper that mirrors our online outfit covering the best events in the capital and beyond, events and organisations that champion diversity and inclusion. We are keen to champion the talent of diaspora voices, their creativity and reach. was launched in April 2017 by a team of communications, media and corporate professionals, who have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the Global and London/UK cultural arts and entertainment scene. The original idea for Alt Africa was born out of a film project with an aim to target African diaspora audiences, a niche and novel idea which now has wings through this outfit.

The result a bespoke London-focused arts and culture events online and print magazine bringing you London through a unique cultural lens. Our small team comprise of journalists, communications experts, writers, sales and development.

In a short time since launching we have a sizable number of content partners that bring us that personalized touch to well researched and executed journalism “championing entertainment that champions diversity”.

We exist to bring you the entertainment you love so you can enjoy the London/UK you love! And moving into late 2018/2019 we plan to help you navigate a wider landscape taking you Beyond London. Beyond is our section that focuses on bespoke global events mapping the art and entertainment scenes of Africans in continent and the diaspora.

Travel with us as we begin this journey… #Bespoke #DiasporaVoices #FemaleLead


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