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Review: A Christmas Carol

Review: A Christmas Carol

If you have not seen A Christmas Carol then from 20th November 2017 to 20th of January 2018 it is on stage at The Old Vic, where the cast wearing its finest costumes will drag you into the true spirit of Dickensian London. This production somehow marks the beginning of the Christmas tidings, the festive spirit!

Jack Thorne’s A Christmas Carol, (Glue, This Is England), probably the most popular story that Charles Dickens ever wrote, will charm you with its magic, spooky and misty atmosphere.

With its gaunt set design, live orchestra and the majestic performance of a cast led by Rhys Ifans as Ebenezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol delves into human flaws, loneliness and regrets, dragging the audience into the familiar, but yet to discover the journey of a man who thought money can buy everything.

Throughout his breathtaking encounters with the three Christmas Ghosts, Scrooge faces his own specter’s, a drunken father, a lost love, a neglected sister, and his young self, a young boy full of hopes, the scariest of all.

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“We are all made” says Little Fan, Scrooge’s sister, the last Ghost “but we all make too”.

A Christmas Carol is a triumph of empathy, delicate humor and witty social commentary, a music and visual feast for the eyes and a declaration of love for Christmas, hope and everything that keeps us human. Image Credit Rhys Ifans (C) Photos by Manuel Harlan

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