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Food News: Study Suggests Coffee May Be Good for Health

Food News: Study Suggests Coffee May Be Good for Health

A recent study shows that coffee may have some health benefits, which includes protecting against Parkinson’s disease (reducing tremors of those with the disease), type 2 diabetes and liver disease/ liver cancer. According the research coffee might improve cognitive function and help to decrease risk of depression.

The report was published in the BMJ, based on a review of 200 scientific studies. The objective was to evaluate existing evidence for the associations between coffee consumption and multiple health outcomes.

Researchers found consistency of drinking coffee was associated with lower risk of death from all causes and a lower risk of several cancers, type 2 diabetes, gallstones and gout.

There are some outlined risks also with high consumption of unfiltered coffee (boiled or espresso) being associated with slight elevations in cholesterol levels. According to the research pregnant women should lower their consumption as it has been associated with increase risk of stillbirths and preterm births. The report highlighted that the accompaniment of calorie-laden sugary snacks, sugar milk and cream may well undo the health benefits.

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There is a call for controlled trials to further understand the cause-and-effect of coffee drinking.

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