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Evans Mbugua’s “Dialogue” at GAFRA

Evans Mbugua’s “Dialogue” at GAFRA

The Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) present Dialogue, a first solo exhibition in London, by the Paris-based, Kenyan artist and designer Evans Mbugua. The exhibition present his latest series work along with two new installation pieces.

This series presents two contemporary choreographers who Mbugua has been observing individually for the last two years. Neither of the dancers was cognizant of the other, but linkages between their respective forms, movements, and expressions captivated Mbugua.

“I wanted to create some sort of conversation between their different fields of contemporary dancing through my work. I built this series of works as if it were one contemporary dance performance. I find that through the art pieces, from one body expression to another, a dialogue is created. In painting these contemporaries, I invite the spectator to look at their world in a colourful way.”

Alongside his latest series of works, the exhibition also includes two purpose-built on-site installations by Mbugua, marking a new direction for the artist. Continuing his exploration of dialogue, he has created 20 small individual art pieces using “mouth details”, each featuring a different expression. This series is the initiation of a long-term project for the artist. Discussing these works, Mbugua notes:

“I see the installation(s) as involving several people in conversation and as an invitation to dialogue. I believe that art can and should be a bridge to bring people together.”

With the second installation, the artist invites us all to partake in his world and capture our own personal moment with him. A backdrop of one of his unique prints serves as a scene where visitors can create their own studio portrait inspired by Mbugua’s work. Image credit: Evans Mbugua | Emotion, 2017

For more info please visit the website.  Exhibition: 1st Decem 2017 – 27th Jan 2018.

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Artist Talk: Saturday, 2nd December 2017 | 2 – 4pm

Where: Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) (45 Albemarle Street London W1S 4JL) Tickets: Admission: FREE


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