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Chanje Kunda lands in London with new work Superposition

Chanje Kunda lands in London with new work Superposition

This November don’t miss your chance to be dragged into the magical universe of Superposition, Manchester poet, playwright and performance artist Chanje Kunda’s extraordinary performance combining lap dancing and science to better understand the laws of attraction from a feminist perspective. Chanje Kunda uses spoken word, live art and dance fusion to present her findings in a paradoxical but hugely entertaining one woman show.

In an age where women’s eroticism is commodified and cheapened, Chanje Kunda is searching for new ways to celebrate female eroticism through science, spirituality and sensuality.

Chanje Kunda said “As a woman, I wanted to find out about the laws of attraction. I wanted to know how the universe works and about my place in the universe. So, I decided to ask these questions to a philosopher, to a physicist and to my son. And I also decided to attend a lap dancing course. And this show is about what happened when I went down that rabbit hole.”  Tickets are £10.

When: 7 – 8 Nov at South Hill Park, 9 – 10 Nov at Stratford Circus  and 14 – 15 Nov at Camden People’s Theatre    

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Image credit: Silk Photography