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1st Edition Lagos Biennial 2017- Living on The Edge

1st Edition Lagos Biennial 2017- Living on The Edge

Created by Folakunle Oshun Artistic Director The Lagos Biennial will attract over 40 international artists from 20 countries that include:  Afghanistan, France, Iran, , Kenya, Norway, Germany, Mozambique, Switzerland, South Korea, Ethiopia, Angola, Senegal, Greece, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ghana,Russia,  Spain, Egypt,  and Nigeria.

The theme of this year’s biennial is expanded to capture the geographical, spiritual and psychological ramifications of what it is to exist on ‘the margins’, coupled with the artistic concept of superimposition – the painting technique of glazing which in this context is taken to describe parallel and counter narratives from ‘wherever’, in dialogue and with the historical landscape of Lagos as backdrop.

This is “brought to life through a series of experimental installations situated in the Yaba Railway Compound (on the Lagos mainland), an old railway station built by the colonial administration in the late 19th century. The automotive relics left behind and the families who find refuge in them ground – or form a sort of green-screen, for this experimental process. The event is organized by the Akete Art Foundation.

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The Lagos Biennial runs from the 14th Oct to 22nd Dec 2017 across six different venues in Nigeria. For more information: