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Unicorn Theatre: Beowulf

Unicorn Theatre: Beowulf

On stage this autumn/winter is Beowulf, an all-conquering monster-slayer, rock star, hero, looks back over a life and sees what? Bravery? Violence? Victory? Is there only one way to be a leader? Or is another world possible…?
Set to an immersive metal and electro-infused live soundtrack, Chris Thorpe’s (Victory Condition at Royal Court) new version of this seminal text is performed by one actor recounting Beowulf’s dark, bloody and difficult journey as he prepares for battle one last time. Written by Chris Thorpe.
Please note: contains loud music, flashing lights in parts and dry ice. Runs until 5th November 2017.  Book Tickets:

Image credit: PRODUCTION GALLERY Photos by Graham Michael

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