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UK Music Mapping: 50 Years of Radio 1

UK Music Mapping: 50 Years of Radio 1

September 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first national pop radio station – BBC Radio 1, #TotallyMoney have created an interactive map highlighting the massive involvement the country has had in the world music scene.

From classic rock bands like Black Sabbath through to boy band pop stars One Direction, the music industry makes up a colossal £4.1 billion contribution to the British economy, producing some of the biggest names in music. From classic rock ‘n’ roll to grime, there’s a rich musical history everywhere you look – and now you can check out the top artists, mapped out across the UK

Some of the distinguished contributors include:

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  • Scotland –Simple Minds, Belle and Sebastian and Calvin Harris are but a few of the finest exports the Scottish have to offer
  • North-West – Past Britpop and the Beatles, the region boasts bands like Joy Division and Soft Cell making the North-West synonymous with great music
  • London – Sex Pistols, So Solid Crew and Suede help to configure our capitals rich and diverse musical history in its own separate map.

Find out where some of your fave artist came, from exploring the UK’s incredible musical legacy here.