Last Chance! Serpentine Galleries Park Nights 2017: Joseph Grigely Presents Play Blueberry Surprise

Don’t miss your chance to attend the last events of Park Nights 2017 at Serpentine Galleries! The annual series of art, music, film, philosophy and technology conceived in response to Francis Kéré’s Pavilion 2017 encourages visitors to gather under its tree-like structure and connect with the natural landscape of the park.

Park Nights 2017 commenced on 30 June with renowned cinematographer and artist Arthur Jafa and hosted notorious guests such as dancer and choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen, artists Tamara Henderson and Shen Xin and the collective Black Quantum Futurism.

In the last events of the series, Park Nights will welcome writer Joseph Grigely who’ll present his play Blueberry Surprise.

Artist and writer Joseph Grigely presents a play for three voices. Grigely, who is deaf, communicates with people who do not know sign language by asking them to write things down. These inscribed notes, collected over a period of ten years and edited into a new narrative, form the basis of Blueberry Surprise.

Please note that when Park Nights events are being held in the Pavilion and The Serpentine Gallery will be open until 8pm. When: Friday 22 September, 8pm Where: Pavilion 2017


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