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#London #Design Festival News: #Pentatonic brings ‘Trashpresso’ to Design Frontiers in Somerset House Courtyard

#London #Design Festival News: #Pentatonic brings ‘Trashpresso’ to Design Frontiers in Somerset House Courtyard

The London Design is underway way bringing innovative talent to the capital. Amongst the spectacular at this years press view is furniture brand Pentatonic launching Trashpresso at the Somerset House Courtyard, the world’s first mobile, off-grid recycling plant. Conceived to bring industrial grade recycling to isolated communities, the solar powered machine creates tiles out of London’s trash that can be used as building materials. Visitors can see the entire journey from trash to tile take place in front of their eyes. This is the global debut of the Trashpresso – an earlier version was unveiled in shanghai for world earth day this year, but this updated version has been engineered for ease of global transportation.

 This unique innovation illustrates Pentatonic’s circular, sustainable mission and demonstrates their belief in the unlimited potential of trash as a positive resource.  Visitors are encouraged to bring their own waste to the project, and to help in the manufacturing process, thereby shaping a brighter future for our planet.

Pentatonic’s obsession with progressive design, disruptive engineering, material science, cutting-edge manufacturing and a circular service model, sets itself up to be an agent of change in the consumer industry. And furniture, is only the beginning. 

The London Design Festival Runs 16- 24th September. More info/Book tickets:

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