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Rich Mix hosts Certain Blacks: Harlem

Rich Mix hosts Certain Blacks: Harlem

From Thursday 7th September to Sunday 20th September Rich Mix will host a series of unmissable events focusing on the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. CERTAIN BLACKS: Harlem is a festival of new performance and theatre inspired by a time in history when new black theatre, literature, music and arts found its own unique voice within American culture.

Certain Blacks, the organisation who runs the festival, aims to support diversity in the arts following the success of its 2016 event Certain Blacks: Art Ensemble.

The program of this massive festival includes live music, performances and gatherings: from Byron Wallen and his band Indigo performance on Thursday, Shabnam Shabazi’s Body Houseon Friday, Lyrix Organix’s renowned UnFold live show and Fancy Chance’s autobiographical solo show on Saturday, and theatre company Crying in the Wilderness’ Invisible Man on Sunday, Rich Mix will be hosting an unmissable week end of wanders. Image: Certain Blacks Artistic Director – Clive Lyttle

When: Thurs 7th Sept to Sun 10th Sept 2017

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Where: Rich Mix (35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA)

Tickets: £10-£12 visit the official website.