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Film 4 Summer Screen: Moonlight Review

Film 4 Summer Screen: Moonlight Review

Surrounded by the welcoming atmosphere of a benevolently warm summer evening in London, a bunch of lucky guests had the chance to enjoy a night of wanders: Somerset House, as part of its series Film 4 Summer Screen, hosted the showing of Berry Jenkins’ award winning film Moonlight on Monday 14th September.

The screening was introduced by a DJ set of soul and spiritual jazz vibes, and the audience was brought into the magical and suggestive atmosphere of Jenkins’ triple Oscar-winner masterpiece.

The film follows an African-American boy from youth to young manhood in a threatening Miami neighbourhood, Moonlight encompasses the director’s delicate and thorough vision and stunning performances (Mahersala Ali won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor).

The film travels in time through three different but equally crucial moments of the main character’s life, tracing his steps through the difficult path of self awareness, sexual awakening, guilt and redemption.

We first meet Blue when, while learning to outwit bullies and look after his drug-addicted mother, is taken under the wing of neighbourhood dealer Juan (Ali), a father-figure who shapes the rest of his life. When we meet Blue again, who’s real name is Chiron, he’s a teenager discovering his sexuality, struggling with masculinity, belonging and vulnerability in the tough environment of the disadvantage neighbourhood where he lives.

In the film’s third chapter he becomes Black, a grown man chased by his mistakes who ends up facing the ghosts of his past when he meets someone from his youth.

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With a masterful and intense direction, a touching and delicate photography and astounding acting performances, Moonlight explores with both strength and sensitivity this coming of age story of street-survival and personal awakening while offering different perspectives and invoking powerful emotions as he draws the audience into the world of his unforgettable characters.

For more info about Film 4 Summer Screen please visit Somerset House official website.