ICA: Experimental Animation Workshop with Artist Animator Jessica Ashman,,

19 Aug 2017  Time: 11:00 am | Lower Gallery | A hands-on workshop aimed at women of colour aged 16-24, led by award-winning animator Jessica Ashman, with participants collaborating on an animated short film responding to the statement ‘We Are Artists Too’. The workshop challenges perceptions of what it is to be an artist, and the barriers to becoming one today, connecting with discussions across the In formation programme around structures of inclusion and exclusion in culture and society.

Jessica Ashman is a London-based, Scottish BAFTA award-winning animator, artist and arts educator. Her clients include the BBC, Channel 4, Asda and Nike, and she regularly teaches on animation courses at The University for the Creative Arts and Arts University Bournemouth. Image courtesy Jessica Ashman

This event is part of STOP PLAY RECORD

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