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Serpentine Galleries: Black Quantum Futurism

Serpentine Galleries: Black Quantum Futurism

As part of Park Nights series on 18 August the Serpentine Galleries will host a night with Black Quantum Futurism (BQF), an interdisciplinary collaboration exploring the intersections of futurism, creative media, DIY-aesthetics, and activism in marginalized communities. BQF focuses on developing practices and temporal technologies for survival in a high-tech world dominated by oppressive, fatalistic constructs of linear time.

Through various writing, music, film, visual art, and creative research projects, BQF Collective also explores personal, cultural, familial, and communal cycles of experience, and solutions for transforming negative cycles into positive ones, focusing on recovery, collection, and preservation of communal memories, histories, and stories.

Please note: Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! at the Serpentine Gallery will be open until 8pm on evenings when Park Nights are taking place in the Pavilion.

Park Nights is the Serpentine’s experimental, interdisciplinary live platform, programmed for the Galleries’ annual architectural commission, the Serpentine Pavilion.

Visit The Serpentine Gallery website for more info. Park Nights are supported by  COS

Where: Serpentine Gallery (Serpentine Pavilion, Kensington Gardens, W2 3XA, London)Where: 18th August 2017 at 8PM Tickets: £4 – £5 + fees via Ticketweb.   

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