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Edinburgh Fringe ’17: Femmetamorphosis

Edinburgh Fringe ’17: Femmetamorphosis

Femmetamorphosis, set in modern day London is a play by  Elicit Theatre. It looks at the transformation of several women during a lingerie party, a humorous and light-hearted picture of the dynamic of female friendship.

The Story: Ruth is throwing a lingerie party at her modest home which she shares with her childhood sweetheart and husband Wesley. Among her guests, which include her best friend Yazzmen, a self proclaimed Cougar. Cycelea a devout Christian, Edith who is struggling to get over a recent break up with her boyfriend and Destini, the exotic neighbour from next door who is rumoured to be married to a footballer. Krystal, the HotLove lingerie host presents the group with a range of naughty suspenders and mankini as talk turns from lingerie to heartbreak.

Taking inspiration from comedies such as The Real McCoy, French and Saunders and Desmond’s this is an original comedy about women coming together in the name of lingerie and love. A touching tale of sisterhood and solidarity, spanning different generation, race, creed and sexuality, to powerfully portray the adversity women face and how they can triumph over it.

The 60 minute show is the brainchild of London-born writer, director and actress Sharron Spice, who is joined by an energetic cast. The cast includes: Jennifer Kingston, Paulette Harris-German, Monique Odoom, Kofi Sampaney, Theresa Hoffman, Sharron Spice, and Maja Laskowska.

The Elicit Theatre Company, created by Sharron Spice is a co-operative with a mission to bring diversity to the stage. Also creating powerful roles for women, particularly women of colour.

When: Femmetamorphosis will be at the Edinburgh Fringe: Paradise in the Vault (Venue 29)  – 5th-27th August. Show time: 9pm – I hour.  The play will be returning to London at the Bernie Grant Centre, in October 2017.

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