Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards: Damilola,Our Loved Boy wins Single Drama

Exclusive: Here is part of the winner’s acceptance speech on behalf of Levi David Addai, Euros Lyn, Susan Horth and Colin Barr for Damilola, Our Loved Boy in the Single Drama category.

COLIN BARR:  Oh.  This is amazing, especially when you think about how strong all those films were. This film is really built on the commitment and care of lots of people; at the BBC Charlotte Moore;  Lucy Richer, Clare Sillery.

But above everybody else, Richard Taylor, Damilola’s father.  If ever there was an example of how the worst that humanity has to offer can sometimes — sometimes — bring out the best in us as human beings, Richard is it.

On the production, Euros Lyn, director;  Levi David Addai, the writer; the indomitable Susan Horth.  An amazing cast, Wunmi, Babou, Sammy.

Some of the biggest names hit the red carpet in London last night for the Award ceremony, (14/05/17) including Cuba Gooding Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch. Damilola, Our Loved Boy was on  BBC1 in November 2016, a feature length drama that portrays the death of 10-year old Damilola Taylor in 2000 who lost his life in Peckham. Available to buy on BBC Store:

Image credit: Damilola-Our-Loved-Boy–Damilola-Taylor-SAMMY-KAMARA (BBC)

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