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Interview: Jodie Abacus Uber Soulster performs Battersea Arts Centre Borderless 2017

Interview: Jodie Abacus Uber Soulster performs Battersea Arts Centre Borderless 2017

Launching his career in 2013 after being dumped by his girlfriend, Jodie wrote “I’ll Will Be That Friend” which was a thank you to a friend who helped him when he was down, since he has not looked back. The crowd at BAC were treated to a night of sweet melodies. The music spoke for itself and screamed at you at just the right tone not quite funk but it is there and the soul. The soul takes you back to sounds of the 60’s/70’s masters like Otis, and Womack but Jodie’s music is very much in the present. A unique yet contemporary sound with classical influences like Wonder and McCartney. Alt Africa caught up with the London born artist who is starting to get the attention he deserves.
1) How do you feel about being compared to Stevie Wonder?
Have I?…I feel out of my league, that’s lovely,  I feel completely far away from where he is obviously, but if there’s a form of doing my sound justice with a hint of Mr Wonders influence in the ingredients then I’ll take that as a massive compliment.
2) How would you describe your music? 
Fresh willing …daring, experimental rich in vitamins, good for your health, your heart and your ears… I hope (laughter)
3) She’s in Love with the Weekend what is the song about?
It’s about a woman I knew that didn’t know how to switch off.  I really liked her but she had no off button.
4) How would you describe the songs on your latest Album?
It’s open honest, colourful & catchy, I really want people to enjoy it.
5) Listening to Good Feeling it takes me back the Manhattans, Earth Wind and Fire, who are your musical inspirations past and present?
New – Nikki and the dove, Thunder cat.
Old – Paul McCartney, A tribe called quest, N.E.R.D, Michael Jackson, Prince and yes.. Earth Wind and Fire.
6) How long have you been singing for and do you write your own music?
For about 15 years I’ve been at the game and I absolutely love it, I’ve been writing most if not all of my songs in that time.
7) Do you have any tour dates planned? 
Not yet but there are a few festivals in London and out of London happening this summer I’ll be performing at,  I can’t wait ..especially for one called Standon Calling 2017.
8) Where were you born?
I was born in a sweet spot in South East London called Lewisham. Although it’s has been like the Wild West at times I’ve learnt to embrace my town. It helps you to write your music.
9) Name two artists who would you like to work with?
I would like to make a smash hit tune with Thundercat Or make something totally unexpected with Adele ..Damn it both of them… all three of us.
10) What advice would you give to up and coming artists ?
Work hard, and be nice to people. #JodieAbacus

To find out more about Jodie Abacus:  or check Standon Calling for performance dates and times: .   Available on iTunes: Real Life and Not Pretend EP  featuring tracks:
“I’ll Be That Friend” (radio edit)
“Hot Kitchen”
“Good Feeling” (edit)
“Halfway to Mexico

Borderless gigs continue at Battersea Arts Centre, including Afrobeat from Soothsayers (17 May) and legend of the Grime scene, Trim (18 May):

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