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Tiwani Contemporary: Phoebe Boswell For Every Real Word Spoken

Tiwani Contemporary: Phoebe Boswell For Every Real Word Spoken

Details: 10 March- 22nd April 2017   Solo Exhibition

Tiwani Contemporary present For Every Real Word Spoken, Boswell combines traditional craftsmanship and digital technology to create drawings, animations and installations.

The exhibition is a collection of  new, near-life-size nude pencil portraits of the artist’s friends, fellow artists, curators and acquaintances, some of whom Boswell had worked with previously on her interactive installation Mutumia (2016). The portraits show women standing up, holding their mobile phones to their chests as if to take a selfie, but showing the devices’ screens to the viewer, in a pose inspired by Adrian Piper’s Food for the Spirit (1971). On each of the phone screens, Boswell has hand-drawn a code: when scanned with a mobile device, it will link online, revealing an article, image, thought, personal truth or observation directly chosen by the woman in the portrait. Drawing on a lineage of black female literary and artistic ancestry, Boswell’s new works radically re-negotiate the relationship between viewer and model, and tell the stories of a networked community that cannot easily be contained within a single image.

Venue details: 16 Little Portland Street | London W1W 8BP Cost: Free4

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Image credit: Phoebe-Boswell-Pieces-of-a-WoMan-2017-pencil-on-paper-150cm-x-120cm-courtesy-of-the-artist-and-Tiwani-Contemporary