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Young Talent: 3 Actors/ 3 Films to Watch in 2017 #GetOut #Fences #93Days

Young Talent: 3 Actors/ 3 Films to Watch in 2017 #GetOut #Fences #93Days


Jovan Adepo:

Adepo is a British-born actor of Nigerian and African-American descent.

The young actor’s ascent to stardom began playing Michael Murphy in HBO television series, The Leftovers, but his latest role in Fences, standing opposite the one and only Denzel Washington, has emboldened his Hollywood career.

Charles Etubiebi:

Etubiebi is a Nigerian actor who describes himself as Son of God, actor, singer, believer, and dream chaser.

Which is perhaps why he has managed to find himself standing opposite Danny Glover in 2016’s Ebola-thriller 93 Days. The young actor, who has a robust background in stage work throughout Nigeria, is one to watch over the coming years after his big breakout role.


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Daniel Kaluuya:

Kaluuya has come a long way from starring in E4’s Skins a decade ago.

Recently coming under fire for not being African-American enough in the critically acclaimed horror film Get Out, the young British star is storming the States and has even bagged himself a role in Marvel’s upcoming action film Black Panther.