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WIN TICKETS: WCFF @ Genesis Cinema Rebel Dread + Q&A with Don Letts: plus short films and panel with Lee Jasper and Lee Lawrence 

WIN TICKETS: WCFF @ Genesis Cinema Rebel Dread + Q&A with Don Letts: plus short films and panel with Lee Jasper and Lee Lawrence 

The Windrush Caribbean film festival continues with an exciting evening in East London hosted by ALT A REVIEW. July 1st 6pm. We are giving away 2 tickets event. Co-host Paulette Harris-German.

Superheroes Wear Hoodies Director: Jason Osbourne


Short (9 min)

Director: Jason Osbourne (BIPOC)

In March 2020, Rise 365 a black run organisation based in the Kingsmead estate in Hackney, East London, initiated a food response programme to support those who had been affected most by the pandemic. Their efforts have seen them distribute over 30,000 hot meals to date and distribute bags of food to up to 300 households each weekend. This isn’t a council led operation, but a grass roots organisation led by Joyclen Buffong who has worked with young people for over 18 years, alongside a small band of young leaders who have banded together to make a difference to their community when it was needed the most. But they have done much more than just feed their community. They have changed the narrative perceived and perpetuated by others of young black boys and girls from their estate, proving that superheroes do indeed wear hoodies.

Link to Trailer: Superheroes Wear Hoodies trailerReview: Together Tv | Superheroes Wear Hoodies

The Ballad Of Olive Morris short  (10mins)

The Ballad Of Olive Morris is a short film based on real life events that took place in the South London neighbourhood of Brixton in 1969. 17 year old Olive Morris gets violently caught up in an incident of police brutality as she intervenes to help a Nigerian diplomat being wrongly arrested for stealing his own car.

Drop Out 2022

Short (7 min)

Director: Ade Femzo

Drop Out follows the story of someone who dares to be different in order to follow his dreams. Some of us will follow the ‘rules’ … some of us are born to get it on our own terms. Will he be able to strike the right notes with his parents?


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Q&A Superheroes wear Hoodies featuring Jason Osbourne and Rise 365


Having started his career in the music industry, Jason transitioned to the creative and collaborative world of film after spending time in various corporate roles. Passionate about the increase of under-represented stories on screen and the impact that narratives have on our beliefs and decision making, his films are often centred on reframing perceptions. Jason is an inaugural recipient of the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund and is currently in pre-production on his first 1-hour documentary for a British broadcaster.

At RISE.365 our aim is to enable young people and young adults to reach their goals.

By supporting them navigate through challenging times.

Breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for them to


Rebel Dread

Don Letts Q&A (10mins)

Don Letts will be Interviewed by WCFF HOST  Joy @alt_africa_

Rebel Dread

Rebel Dread


Feature (87 min)

Director: William E. Badgley

Rebel Dread is the story of Don Letts, the legendary filmmaker, DJ, musician, and cultural commentator. The film frames Don’s story as a first-generation British-born black man within the nascent punk scene of the 1970s and 80s – how rastas and punks found a common bond, both outside of the mainstream, and how Don introduced reggae to the punks. Don was part of the inner circle of The Clash and Johnny Rotten. He later formed Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones, and made music that incorporated dance, reggae, rap, film samples and rock n roll.

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After directing iconic music videos including London Calling, Chain Gang and Pass the Dutchie, Don became an award-winning feature director, with films such as Dancehall Queen and One Love, starring Idris Elba. He is now a leading cultural commentator and well-known voice on BBC Radio 6.

Link to Trailer: Rebel Dread (Trailer)


Donovan “Don” Letts (born 10 January 1956) is a British film directorDJ and musician. Letts first came to prominence as the videographer for The Clash, directing several of their music videos. In 1984, Letts co-founded the band Big Audio Dynamite with Clash guitarist Mick Jones, acting as the group’s sampler and videographer before departing the band in 1990.Letts also directed music videos for Musical YouthThe Psychedelic FursFun Boy ThreeThe Pretenders and Elvis Costello as well as the feature documentaries The Punk Rock Movie (1977) and The Clash: Westway to the World (2000).

Lee Jasper

With the rising mistrust of government and the police, are we returning to a hostile environment

Panel – Lee Jasper and Lee Lawrence Social Change Activist with Paulette Harris-German


Mr. Lee Jasper was a Senior Policy Director for Equalities and Policing in London,  where he set new standards in innovative public policy in tackling social injustice, promoting community safety, driving world-class equality policy standards and delivering tremendous advances in diversity and representation in London’s public life. His work was personified also in the establishing, co-founding and or working for a wide range of leading black community & anti-racist and charitable organisations and social movements, such as the National Black Caucus, and was also Chair of the Mangrove Community Association, Notting Hill, from 1985 – 1996; the 1990 Trust and Operation Black Vote, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK, and as a founder of Blaksox leadership and legacy self-help, social movement.

Today, he is an international strategic management consultant with a YouTube channel, Lee Jasper Drive Time, is a prolific writer on his blog, and is a frequent media commentator.

On 28th September 1985, Lee Lawrence’s mother Cherry Groce was wrongly shot by police during a raid on her Brixton home. The bullet shattered her spine and she never walked again… In Brixton, already a powder keg because of the deep racism that the community was experiencing, it was the spark needed to trigger two days of rioting that saw buildings brought down by petrol bombs, cars torched and shops looted.

But for Lee, it was a spark that lit a flame that would burn for the next 30 years as he fought to get the police to recognise their wrongdoing.. And yet that flame — for justice, for peace, for change – kept him going.

“The Louder I will Sing – Lee Lawrence”

Where: East London 93-95 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4UJ

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When: July 1st 6pm Book tickets HERE

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