Arcola Theatre: Utopia Theatre, by arrangement with DALRO (Pty) Limited, presents And the Girls in Their Sunday Dresses

Written by Zakes Mda Directed by Mojisola Elufowoju

In the tenacious shadow of apartheid, the possibility of change in South Africa remains suffocated by corruption, facilitated by an insidious network of red tape and inefficiency.

The gulf between ostensive and actual parity between white and black, and the suffering which persists among the country’s poorest inhabitants are the themes of Zakes Mda’s witty and astute 1988 play, and they remain outrageously pertinent today.

A dynamic two-hander, taking on the topic of inequalities and state bureaucracy as a powerful tool of oppression. Dates: Wednesday 29 September at 9pm, Thursday 30 September at 6.30pm
Friday 1 October at 9pm Saturday 2 October at 6.30pm: BOOK TICKETS

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