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Downing Street suggest UK model for other white majority countries: Runnymede Trust Dr. Begum responds saying it is a “Whitewash”

“We feel that if the best this government can do is come up with a style guide on BAME terminology, or what we should do about unconscious bias training, or extend a few school hours, then I’m afraid this government doesn’t carry the confidence of black and ethnic minority communities any longer, certainly not on race.” said Dr. Begum on the BBC News this morning.

According to report by UK Government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities there is ‘no evidence of institutional racism’ in Britain.

The commission was formed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the wake of worldwide Black Lives Matter protests last summer. Its first report suggests that while Britain is not a ‘post-racial society’, it can be seen as a beacon for other white-majority counties in terms of parity in education and the economy. But the many members of the Black communities share the view. There is criticism of some of the findings, including the claim that, while there was anecdotal evidence of racism, the commission found no evidence of ‘actual institutional racism’.

Dr Begum said that the report had failed to acknowledge the “suffering” of black and ethnic minority communities during the covid-19 , adding “Tell that to the black young mother who is four times more likely to die in childbirth than her young white neighbour, tell that to the 60% of NHS doctors and nurses who died from Covid and were black and ethnic minority workers”.

“All this is is a whitewash and a script that has been written to 10 Downing Street”.

Dr Halima Begum is the chief executive of the Runnymede Trust.

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