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BBC Radio 4: Maynard Ep. 2 Fri 2 April 14:15

BBC Radio 4: Maynard Ep. 2 Fri 2 April 14:15

Cain murdered Abel. Marcus just wants younger brother Maynard under his thumb. But Maynard – with help from his girlfriend Jules – is determined to turn his life around and escape a life of crime. (Main image credit:

Son of a devout mother who was loved by all, Maynard turns his back on his tearaway past and sets out to make his mum proud. Just weeks after her untimely death in a suspected arson attack, Maynard begins refurbishing the Brixton community café she ran so successfully. Everyone is invited to her memorial service in the café but, before Maynard can finish, thugs come and destroy all his work.

Will he and Jules have to borrow money from drug-dealing Marcus to get the place up and running?

Fraser Ayres who wrote the drama and plays Maynard is co-founder of Triforce Creative Network and Dandi which encourages diversity in the media industries. Fraser is currently the lead writer on Idris Elba’s In the Long Run for Sky.

Director Kathy Burke is an actor, writer and director in theatre, television and film. Maynard is her directorial debut for BBC Radio 4.

Maynard – Fraser Ayres
Marcus – Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Auntie P – Ellen Thomas
Sister Magdelene/Petra – Chizzy Akudolu
Jules – Kellie Shirley
Mama – Martina Laird

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Writer: Fraser Ayres
Director: Kathy Burke
Executive Director: Jeremy Mortimer
Sound Designer: Eloise Whitmore

Episode 1 was broadcast on the 6th of Feb